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Delays in Mail Delivery in Certain Areas of Italy

August 22, 2018

The designated postal operator of Italy has informed us that the bridge collapse along the toll motorway in Genoa has delayed postal operations in certain areas of the country, especially in the affected localities in the table below. Delays in the delivery of all categories of mail are expected in the coming days.

Inbound mail from Italy may also be delayed for the same reason.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation.

Destination Most seriously affected areas Mail types
Italy Genoa: 16149-16159 All types
(EMS, Airmail* SAL and Surface mail)

Note: This information is based on a notification from the designated postal operation in the destination country. The situation may change according to the circumstances in that country.

*Airmail includes airmail postal services such as International e-Packet, greeting cards, priority bulk airmail (D-mail) and non-priority bulk airmail (P-mail).


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