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Delays in Mail Delivery in Certain Regions of the United States of America

July 27, 2018

Delays are expected in the delivery of international mail and EMS addressed to the areas in the United States of America listed in the table below due to delays in processing at the Office of Exchange (OE) of Los Angeles and a subsequent increase in the backlog.

Furthermore, there may also be delays in the arrival of mail sent from the same areas to Japan.

Thank you for your understanding of this situation.

Type of mail Affected regions
EMS ZIP codes starting with numbers from 800 to 819, 840 to 935.
Arizona, South of California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
Air Mail* ZIP codes starting with numbers from 900 to 935.

*Air Mail includes Letters, Postcards, International Parcel Post, Small packets, International ePacket, Greeting cards, D-mail (priority bulk airmail) and P-mail (non-priority bulk airmail).


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