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Suspension of Acceptance of Cool EMS Items

October 26, 2017

Due to the cancellation of scheduled flight, Japan Post suspends acceptance of Cool EMS items in the table below from November 6, 2017. Among the post offices handling Cool EMS, we accept items under normal circumstances at post offices other than the table below.

  • Please find the Available Post Offices here.
Prefecture Suspension of Post offices
Nagano Nagano-Higashi Post Office
Toyama Toyama-Nishi Post Office
Fukui Fukui-Minami Post Office
Ishikawa Shin-Kanazawa Post Office
Sizuoka Shizuoka-Minami Post Office
Aichi Toyohashi-Minami Post Office
Gifu Gifu-Chuo Post Office
Mie Yokkaichi-Nishi Post Office
Fukuoka Iizuka Post Office, Kitakyushu-Chuo Post Office, Kurume-Higashi Post Office, Shin-Fukuoka Post Office, Chikushino Post Office and Fukuoka-Chuo Post Office
Saga Saga-Chuo Post Office
Nagasaki Sasebo Post Office and Nagasaki-Chuo Post Office
Kumamoto Kumamoto-Kita Post Office, Hitoyoshi Post Office and Hondo Post Office
Oita Oita-Chuo Post Office
Miyazaki Miyazaki-Chuo Post Office
Kagoshima Kagoshima-Chuo Post Office, Kajiki Post Office, Kushikino Post Office and Kokubu Post Office
Okinawa Naha-Chuo Post Office

Thank you for your understanding.


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