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Deadlines for Sending Surface Christmas Mail

October 24, 2013

The deadlines for sending surface Christmas mail, including cards, to various countries and territories are given in the table below.

Country/Territory of Destination Mailing Deadline
(Please see the Notes)
Country/Territory of Destination Mailing Deadline
(Please see the Notes)
(Asia) (Central and South America)
Indonesia November 1 Brazil October 18
Korea December 2 Peru October 18
Singapore November 11 Mexico November 1
Thailand November 18 (Europe)
Taiwan November 22 United Kingdom October 16
China November 18 Netherlands October 18
Philippines October 28 Germany October 18
Hong Kong November 22 France October 18
Malaysia November 8 Russia November 8
(Oceania) (Africa)
Australia October 28 South Africa November 1
New Zealand November 1    
Fiji November 1    
(North America)    
Canada November 6    
USA October 18    
Hawaii November 15    


These mailing deadlines are the final dates set according to the delivery information received from each country/territory in order to allow enough time for Christmas mail, including cards, to be delivered in the destination countries/territories. They are not meant to restrict mailing after the deadlines.
It is recommended that you send parcels, small packets and other requiring customs inspection at the country of destination prior to the deadlines as additional time may be required.
For countries and territories not included in the table above, the Christmas mail delivery schedule is unclear and no mailing deadlines are set.

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