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Changes to the International Mailing Regulations

July 30, 2013

As of August 1, 2013, some of the International Mailing Regulations will change. Main changes are summarized below.

For details, please refer to the International Mailing Regulations list.

【Conditions common for all countries】

Items Amendments
I Prohibited items (based on the Universal Postal Convention as well as other regulations)(Note 2),(Note 3) Changes to the description method and order of the countries/territories that accept lithium batteries.
Changes to description method for countries/territories when lithium batteries are sent by Airmail, SAL as well as International Express Mail. There are no changes to the countries/territories.

【Shipment Conditions/Prohibited Items】

Country/Territory Name Amendments
Saudi Arabia EMS(delivery date)
Bhutan Standard/Parcel/EMS(other conditions)
Brunei Standard/Parcel(other special conditions)
Chili Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
Estonia Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
Ethiopia Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
United Kingdom Prohibited items
Guatemala Standard/Parcel(other special conditions)
Kyrgyz Republic English spelling standardization(Kyrgyz)
Maldives Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
Mexico Prohibited items
Panama Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
Romania Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)
Russia EMS(other special conditions)
Senegal Standard/Parcel(insured amount limit), EMS(delivery method)
Ukraine Prohibited items
Uruguay Standard/Parcel/EMS(other special conditions)

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