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List of Delivery Days (International Parcel Post - Chubu International Post Office)

Following table shows Information on approximate days required for International Parcel Post (Airmail/SAL) delivery.

Notice for Use

  1. “Standard days” shows the required average period from when you submit parcels (Japan time) until when they are delivered (local time). Each number is calculated based on notification from each country. The day of submission is not included.
  2. The number listed in the table only indicates the average time required for normal delivery and does not in any way guarantee the exact number of days required for delivery. Depending on the contents, the article may require more days for customs clearance. The number might also be changed by handling conditions at the location.
  3. In cases if the period from acceptance to transfer and delivery falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday or if the airport security requires additional examination as well as if a delay or cancellation occur in a flight schedule, delivery may take longer.
  4. SAL parcels are transported to destination countries using vacant space on aircrafts. Delivery may take longer if there is not enough space. Delivery may take longer if there is not enough space. Therefore, the standard days has a margin of about a week.

International mail days list・Chubu International Post Office

Area Country/Area name Average number of days
Air parcels SAL parcels
Asia India 7 About 2 weeks
Indonesia 8 2 to 3 weeks
Vietnam 13 no handling
Rep. of Korea Seoul 5 no handling
Singapore 4 About 2 weeks
Sri Lanka 8 About 3 weeks
Thailand 7 2 to 3 weeks
Taiwan 6 no handling
China Shanghai 8 About 2 weeks
Beijing 7 About 2 weeks
Hong Kong 6 About 2 weeks
Pakistan 9 About 2 weeks
Bangladesh 10 2 to 3 weeks
Philippines 10 2 to 3 weeks
Malaysia 8 About 2 weeks
Oceania Australia 7 About 2 weeks
New Zealand 6 About 2 weeks
North America Canada Vancouver 6 About 2 weeks
Montreal 8
United States of America San Francisco 10 About 2 weeks
Chicago 6
New York 10
Los Angels 6
Mexico - 2 to 3 weeks
Middle East United Arab Emirates - 2 to 3 weeks
Iran 10 no handling
Saudi Arabia 10 2 to 3 weeks
Turkey 13 2 to 3 weeks
Europe Italy 8 About 2 weeks
United Kingdom 7 About 2 weeks
Austria 7 About 2 weeks
Netherlands 6 About 2 weeks
Switzerland 6 About 2 weeks
Sweden 5 2 to 3 weeks
Spain 9 About 2 weeks
Denmark 5 About 2 weeks
Germany 6 1 week
Hungary 7 About 2 weeks
Finland 4 2 to 3 weeks
France 7 About 2 weeks
Belgium 6 About 2 weeks
Poland 8 About 2 weeks
Russian Federation 10 About 2 weeks
Africa Egypt 11 About 2 weeks
Ghana 9 no handling
South America Argentina 8 About 2 weeks
Brazil 9 About 3 weeks
Peru 6 About 2 weeks

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