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Table of Delivery Time (International Parcel Post - Kawasaki Higashi Post Office)

Following table shows Information on approximate days required for International Parcel Post (Surface mail) delivery.

Usage Remarks

  1. “Standard delivery time” refers to the average time needed for delivery from the posting date at Kawasaki Higashi Post Office to the destination country or territory.
  2. Please  note that the actual time needed for delivery may be different from that listed in the table when a Parcel Post item requires more time for customs clearance or is addressed to a remote destination.
  3. The table indicates the average time required for normal delivery only and does not in any way guarantee any exact number of days for delivery. If weekends or holidays are included in the delivery period from reception to transport and delivery of the item, or if there are delays or cancellations in the sailing schedule, delivery may take longer.
  4. The departure of a ship may take longer time after the posting of your item. Please expect a one-month buffer for standard delivery time.
  5. “Surface mail” is handled as non-priority mail. If you have a delivery deadline or need speedy delivery, we recommend using EMS or airmail.

Table of Delivery Time・Kawasaki Higashi Post Office

Area Country/Area name Surface parcels
Standard delivery time Services per month (from Kawasaki Higashi Post Office)
Asia India 2 to 3 months 2

about 3 months

Vietnam about 2 months 4
Rep. of Korea about 1 month 8
Singapore 1 to 2 months 2
Sri Lanka (via Singapore) 2 to 3 months 2
Thailand 1 to 2 months 4
Taiwan about 1 month 4
China (*1) Beijing 1 to 2 months 4
Shanghai about 1 month 8
Hong Kong about 3 weeks 4
Pakistan 2 to 3 months 4
Bangladesh 2 to 3 months 2
Philippines 2 to 3 months Once every three weeks
Malaysia about 2 months Once every three weeks
Oceania Australia about 2 months 4
New Zealand 2 to 3 months 4
North America Canada Vancouver about 2 months 4
United States of America Mainland 2 to 3 months 4
Middle East United Arab Emirates about 2 months 2
Iran (via Dubai) 2 to 3 months 2
Saudi Arabia (via Dubai) about 2 months 2
Turkey (via Amsterdam) 3 to 4 months 4
Europe Netherlands about 2 months 4
Sweden 2 to 3 months 1
Spain (*2) about 3 months 4
Denmark 1 to 2 months 4
Germany about 2 months 4
Hungary 1 to 2 months 4
Finland 1 to 2 months 4
Belgium 1 to 2 months 4
Poland 1 to 2 months 4
Russian Federation about 2 months 4
Africa Egypt (via Dubai) about 3 months 2
Ghana 3 to 4 months 2
South America Brazil about 3 months 4
Peru 2 to 3 months 4


With regard to parcel post items addressed to China, when the value of the contents of each item exceeds CNY 1,000, the Customs entry procedure applies. However, this does not apply in the case that Chinese Customs considers the contents to be a personal or indivisible.
Please note that the item may be returned to Japan if the specific customs procedures are not followed and executed completely within the period specified by Chinese Customs.


  1. If the total value of both goods and postage is over 22 euros (for Internet shopping) and 45 euros (individual delivery) to Spain, it may take two weeks or more for customs clearance in Spain.
  2. Please fill in the detailed information as requested on the label, such as the names of goods, phone numbers and email address in the receiver's area.
  3. For speedy customs clearance, it is highly recommended to send information such as the names of goods, prices and postage to the receiver in Spain in advance.
  • The number of services per month listed in the table above refers to the sailing schedule based in Japan. Please be advised that mail items to some destination countries may be transited via a third country, and the delivery time may be further limited by the sailing schedule at that transiting location.

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