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Rate schedule (EMS:All Zones)

All zones include countries and areas in Asia, Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East, Europe, South America and Africa.

* For Zones 3 and 4, tentative extra charges are included. See here (Japanese only) for the specific tentative extra charges.

Countries and areas included in All Zone.

Shipping type:

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Currency: yen

Weight Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone Fourth Zone Fifth Zone
Region China, South Korea, Taiwan Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan) Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa
Up to 500g1,4501,9003,1503,9003,600
Up to 600g1,6002,1503,4004,1803,900
Up to 700g1,7502,4003,6504,4604,200
Up to 800g1,9002,6503,9004,7404,500
Up to 900g2,0502,9004,1505,0204,800
Up to 1kg2,2003,1504,4005,3005,100
Up to 1.25kg2,5003,5005,0005,9905,850
Up to 1.5kg2,8003,8505,5506,6006,600
Up to 1.75kg3,1004,2006,1507,2907,350
Up to 2kg3,4004,5506,7007,9008,100
Up to 2.5kg3,9005,1507,7509,1009,600
Up to 3kg4,4005,7508,80010,30011,100
Up to 3.5kg4,9006,3509,85011,50012,600
Up to 4kg5,4006,95010,90012,70014,100
Up to 4.5kg5,9007,55011,95013,90015,600
Up to 5kg6,4008,15013,00015,10017,100
Up to 5.5kg6,9008,75014,05016,30018,600
Up to 6kg7,4009,35015,10017,50020,100
Up to 7kg8,20010,35017,20019,90022,500
Up to 8kg9,00011,35019,30022,30024,900
Up to 9kg9,80012,35021,40024,70027,300
Up to 10kg10,60013,35023,50027,10029,700
Up to 11kg11,40014,35025,60029,50032,100
Up to 12kg12,20015,35027,70031,90034,500
Up to 13kg13,00016,35029,80034,30036,900
Up to 14kg13,80017,35031,90036,70039,300
Up to 15kg14,60018,35034,00039,10041,700
Up to 16kg15,40019,35036,10041,50044,100
Up to 17kg16,20020,35038,20043,90046,500
Up to 18kg17,00021,35040,30046,30048,900
Up to 19kg17,80022,35042,40048,70051,300
Up to 20kg18,60023,35044,50051,10053,700
Up to 21kg19,40024,35046,60053,50056,100
Up to 22kg20,20025,35048,70055,90058,500
Up to 23kg21,00026,35050,80058,30060,900
Up to 24kg21,80027,35052,90060,70063,300
Up to 25kg22,60028,35055,00063,10065,700
Up to 26kg23,40029,35057,10065,50068,100
Up to 27kg24,20030,35059,20067,90070,500
Up to 28kg25,00031,35061,30070,30072,900
Up to 29kg25,80032,35063,40072,70075,300
Up to 30kg26,60033,35065,50075,10077,700

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