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Rate schedule (EMS: Second Zone)

Zone 2 includes Asian countries and territories, excluding China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Countries and areas included in Second Zone

Shipping type:

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Currency: yen

Weight Rates
Up to 500g1,900
Up to 600g2,150
Up to 700g2,400
Up to 800g2,650
Up to 900g2,900
Up to 1.0kg3,150
Up to 1.25kg3,500
Up to 1.5kg3,850
Up to 1.75kg4,200
Up to 2.0kg4,550
Up to 2.5kg5,150
Up to 3.0kg5,750
Up to 3.5kg6,350
Up to 4.0kg6,950
Up to 4.5kg7,550
Up to 5.0kg8,150
Up to 5.5kg8,750
Up to 6.0kg9,350
Up to 7.0kg10,350
Up to 8.0kg11,350
Up to 9.0kg12,350
Up to 10.0kg13,350
Up to 11.0kg14,350
Up to 12.0kg15,350
Up to 13.0kg16,350
Up to 14.0kg17,350
Up to 15.0kg18,350
Up to 16.0kg19,350
Up to 17.0kg20,350
Up to 18.0kg21,350
Up to 19.0kg22,350
Up to 20.0kg23,350
Up to 21.0kg24,350
Up to 22.0kg25,350
Up to 23.0kg26,350
Up to 24.0kg27,350
Up to 25.0kg28,350
Up to 26.0kg29,350
Up to 27.0kg30,350
Up to 28.0kg31,350
Up to 29.0kg32,350
Up to 30.0kg33,350

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