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What is Invoice?

Invoice is a document required for Customs inspection when sending goods overseas.

Some countries/areas may require more or different customs declaration forms .

International Mail Conditions.

Instructions for Filling out the Invoice

Download the Invoice Creation Tool

  1. Fill in the sender's name, address and phone number.
  2. Fill in the recipient's name, address and phone number.
  3. Fill in the time and date of submission.
  4. Fill in the number on the small parcel or EMS label.
  5. Fill in the method of shipping ("Parcel Post" for international small parcels, "EMS" for EMS or "International Mail" for others).
  6. Place a check mark where appropriate.
  7. Provide specific details about the contents of the package, including product name(s), net weight, quantity, unit price, total value per product and total value. Do not use vague descriptions like "daily necessities."
  8. Identify the currency used (JPY, US$, etc.).
  9. Fill in the number of packages contained along with the total weight and the country of origin of the contents.
  10. Affix the sender's signature.


  • Prepare the form in the language commonly used in the destination country (otherwise, use English or French).
  • If the value exceeds 200,000 yen and you are having Japan Post Service handle the customs procedures for you, please prepare the form in English.
  • English Translation of Article Names

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