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Sending items containing goods to Ireland

Please note that if you fill out shipping labels or any other required documents incorrectly, your mail items may be returned.

Providing accurate information on the shipping label, other required documents and EAD

Customs inspection procedures in Ireland have been tightened by requiring Electronic Advance Data (EAD) since the Value Add Tax (VAT) rules were changed in the EU in July 2021.
Information that you enter when you use the International Mail My Page Service to create and print the shipping label and other required documents is sent to the Customs Authority of the destination country as EAD. In this regard, an increasing number of mail items containing goods are being returned to Japan based on a decision by Ireland Customs because of inaccurate or insufficient customs declaration information such as names of contents, number of contents, net weight and country of origin of contents.
Please be sure to provide accurate customs declaration information to avoid your mail items being returned.

Providing the TARIC codes

1. Transmitting the TARIC code for each content

When mailing items containing goods to Ireland, it is recommended to transmit TARIC codes as EAD. If they are not transmitted, or if inaccurate codes are provided, inconveniences may be experienced, such as delays in customs clearance, return of mail items, or payment of excessive customs duties by the recipient, per the determination of the customs authorities of the destination countries.

  • TARIC codes are item classification codes used for exporting and importing items. They are 10-digit codes consisting of the universal 6-digit HS codes and EU-local 4-digit subclass codes.

    For an outline of TARIC, please visit the following website.
    TARIC (European Commission)

2. How to look up TARIC codes

Please check here for looking up TARIC codes.

3. How to transmit TARIC codes

Please check here for transmitting TARIC codes.

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