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Third Zone

For some countries and areas, EMS is limited to certain areas.

Oceania (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Names Covered Area
Third Zone
Australia All regions. The Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands are excepted.
Cook Islands Available for some areas. Rarotonga only.
Available for some areas

New Caledonia All areas
New Zealand All regions. The Ross Dependency (Antarctic zone extending along longitudes 160 east to 150 west, and terminating at latitude 60 south) is excepted.
Papua New Guinea
Available for some areas

Fiji All areas


North America (excluding the U.S.) (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Names Covered Area
Third Zone
(North America (excluding the U.S.))
Canada All areas
St. Pierre and Miquelon All areas
Mexico All areas


Middle East (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Names Covered Area
Third Zone
(Middle East)
United Arab Emirates All areas
Available for some areas

Iraq All areas
Iran All areas
Oman All areas
Qatar All areas
Kuwait All areas
Saudi Arabia All areas
Syria All areas
Turkey All areas
Bahrain All areas
Jordan All areas
Lebanon All areas


Europe (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Names Covered Area
Third Zone
Iceland All areas
Ireland All areas
Available for some areas

Andorra All areas
Italy All areas (Except for mail addressed to military post offices (bearing APO/FPO addresses)
Available for some areas

Great Britain All regions, excepting territories overseas.
Estonia All areas
Austria All areas (Except for mail addressed to zip code 1502, 1503, and 1504)
Netherlands All areas
Guernsey All areas
North Macedonia All areas
Cyprus All areas
Greece All areas
Croatia All areas
San Marino All areas
Jersey All areas
Switzerland All areas
Sweden All areas
Spain All areas
Slovakia All areas
Slovenia All areas
Czech Republic All areas
Denmark All regions. Greenland and the Faeroes are excepted.
Germany All areas
Norway All areas
Hungary All areas
Finland All areas
All Territories (Including Overseas Departments, but excluding Overseas Territories). (Some of the territories are subject to a different price.)

Bulgaria All areas
Belarus All areas
Belgium All areas
Poland All areas
Portugal All areas
Malta All areas
Monaco All areas
Latvia All areas
Lithuania All areas
Liechtenstein All areas
Luxembourg All areas
Romania All areas
Russian Federation
Available for some areas


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