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Refrigerated Yu-Pack

Keep the freshness of fresh products with refrigerated transportation!

  • Yu-Pack parcels that should be kept refrigerated are delivered under refrigerated temperature from acceptance to delivery.
  • With refrigerated transportation, the freshness of fresh foods can be kept without the delicate taste and fragrance being spoiled.
  • It is also useful for sending summer and winter gifts and other presents.

Shipping fee

The shipping fee will be the "basic shipping fee for Yu-Pack parcel + refrigerating charge."

Yu-Pack parcel shipping fee + refrigerating charge = shipping fee

Valuable discount system

120 yen per parcel is discounted when brought to the business establishment of Japan Post.

60 yen per item is discounted for items fulfilling either of the following conditions.

  • Sent to the same address within one year
  • Sending two or more items with the same destination address at once

About usage

  • The maximum size is 100cm long, and 150cm for the total of length, width and thickness. The weight must be up to 25kg.
    Weight: up to 25kg
    A + B + C = 150cm or less
    Length of A = 100cm or less
    • However, as for items that cannot be turned on their side, the thickness (height) should be within 50cm in addition to the conditions above.
  • Limited to packages including content other than correspondence.However, unsealed attached notes such as brief notes on the content or a billing statement or invoice can be enclosed.

    Services with which correspondence cannot be sent

  • Please use the Yu-Pack label or write down the items specified in the Yu-Pack General Conditions on the surface of the parcel.
  • Please precool the parcel before depositing.
  • Security service and cash on delivery are available.
  • Parcels are accepted by collection or at the following counters.
    • Yu-Yu counter at the post office in charge of collection and delivery
    • Post office counters shown as handling Refrigerated Yu-Pack with "search by usage conditions" on the post office search page


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