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Domestic delivery postage list

Letters, postcards (postal items)

Click here for standard size postal items, nonstandard size postal items (first class mail), postcards (second class mail), approved periodicals (third class mail) and fourth class mail.


Click here for Yu-Pack parcels, Yu-Mail and Yu-Packet.

Additional charge for optional services

Click here for express mail, registered mail, security service, certification of acceptance time, certification of delivery, certification of contents, special delivery of civil procedure code documents, acceptance-recorded mail, recorded delivery mail, ID confirmation delivery service, cash on delivery, delivery date-specified mail and refrigerated delivery service.

Other postal items

Click here for Letax, new special express mail, computer mail, and e-Certification of contents

Major charges

Click here for charges for the exchange of stamps, etc., payment of postage by addressee, and payment of charges upon arrival


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