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List of basic shipping fee by region (prefecture)

How to use

  • Please select the area (prefecture) of deposit or destination.
    The shipping fee is the same for both cases of depositing at the selected area (prefecture) or sending to the selected area (prefecture).
  • Yu-Pack parcel shipping fee shown in this page is the basic shipping fee.
    Volume discount is applied when sending 10 or more items simultaneously.
    When using optional services such as security service and cash on delivery or services such as the payment of charges upon arrival, charge for each service becomes necessary in addition to the basic shipping fee.

Differentiation of size

Differentiation Parcel size
(total of length, width and height)
60 size Within 60cm
80 size Within 80cm
100 size Within 100cm
120 size Within 120cm
140 size Within 140cm
160 size Within 160cm
170 size Within 170cm
  • The weight limit is 30kg for all sizes.

Please select the area of deposit.


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