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Airport Yu-Pack

What is Airport Yu-Pack?

Travel luggage, golf and ski gear are sent to the airport by the day before the departure, and are handed at the designated counter within the airport located within the airport.

  • Only Airport Yu-Pack is handled at the Airport Yu-Pack handling counter.
    (Other Yu-Pack parcel services are unavailable.)

List of airports handling Airport Yu-Pack

Shipping fee table by area

Valuable discount system

When sent from the business establishment of Japan Post, 120 yen is discounted per item.

When used for round-trip, 120 yen is discounted from the return shipping fee per item.

  • Please dispatch the same content as the Airport Yu-Pack parcel sent or delivered to the receiver (hereinafter referred to as "going parcel") again as Airport Yu-Pack (limited only to those addressed to the name and address/domicile of the sender, hereinafter referred to as "return parcel").
  • The use of the return parcel is a must when depositing the going parcel.
  • Please deposit to the business establishment in charge of the delivery of the going parcel or in charge of delivery clerical work.
  • The service is available only to parcels of the same categories of shipping fee and size for going and return parcels.
  • The fee should be paid by affixing postage stamps or by without affixing them.
  • Please deposit within one month from the dispatch of the going parcel.

About usage

  • The service is applied only to the parcels kept at a designated counter within the airport designated by Japan Post Co., Ltd. (business establishments listed in the "List of airports handling Airport Yu-Pack") or deposited at that designated counter.

    List of airports handling Airport Yu-Pack

  • Please deposit by the date and time designated by the depositing business establishment.
  • Please pack in a way so that the content can easily be identified.
  • You cannot send correspondences.(Unsealed attached notes and invoices can be enclosed.)
  • Services with which correspondence cannot be sent

  • Please fill in the name of the airport, name of the counter, boarding flight and departure date and time clearly on the special label (labels for one-way and return-paid are different).
  • Example of filling in the label

  • Optional services cannot be added.
  • When receiving the parcel, you will need to show the "client's copy" of the special label and an identification document such as a passport or driver's license. Please do not forget to bring them with you.


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