Title: Types of postcards

Standard postcards

There are various types of postcards that can be selected according to use.

Standard postcard (62 yen) Standard postcard, for inkjet printing (62 yen)

Goldband lily design.
There are also four-surface printing postcards (four postcards printed in two rows and two columns on a single sheet, 248 yen) and postcards with indentations (62 yen) of the same design.

Mountain cherry blossom design.
The communication surface of the postcard is treated with special coating to allow for printing with vivid colors.

Standard postcard, Phalaenopsis orchid (62 yen) Reply-paid card (124 yen)

Phalaenopsis orchid design.
There are standard postcards and postcards for inkjet printing.

Japanese crane design
Because it is unfolded at the center, it is convenient for printing.

New Year's postcard and postage stamp, Kamo-Mail (summer greeting postcard)

For New Year's greeting, seasonal notices and letters. "Letter" and "excitement of winning a prize" are combined in a set. (lottery postcard)

"Letter" and "excitement of winning a prize" are combined in a set.

These are postcards with lottery numbers. New Year's postcard and Kamo-Mail (summer greeting postcards) are sold for a limited period.

There is also donation-added New Year's postage stamp with lottery.

  • It can also be used as advertising media with a feeling of the season.
  • Because it comes with lottery, those received can feel excitement.

New Year's lottery postcard (New Year's postcard), postage stamp

There are two types of New Year's postcard: those without donation (standard postcards) and with donation (with illustration). New Year's postcard with donation has regional and national versions.

  • Only the regional version may be on sale depending on the year.

  1. It is on sale every year around November.
  2. The draw is held every year in January.
  3. The period for the delivery of prizes is six months from the day following the draw as a general rule.

Donation-added New Year's postage stamp

These lottery stamps allow individuals who use their own New Year's postcards and letters to participate in the lottery. There are two types: one for postcards and one for letters.

Both are with donation (of 3 yen each).

It is issued every year around November. The date of drawing, details of the prize and the delivery period of prizes are the same as New Year's lottery postcard.

Kamo-Mail (summer greeting postcard)

This is the postcard for summer greetings, issued for the first time in June 1950. There are two types: standard postcards and illustrated.

Its nickname is "Kamo-Mail."

Useful postal products

There are various postal products according to use, such as letter sets and non-folded reply-paid postcard.

Postcards with indentations

These postcards have a semicircular indentation on the lower left corner of the front so that you can tell the front and back and top and bottom of a postcard.

These are sold at collection and delivery post offices throughout Japan, and can be delivered to home upon request.

  • In addition to standard postcards, New Year's postcards and Kamo-Mail (summer greeting postcard) are also available.

Unfolded reply-paid postcard; perfect for printing in large numbers

This is a reply-paid postcard that is unfolded at the center.

Because it can be used for printers and photocopiers as-is, it is convenient for printing a large number of postcards such as for invitation for parties, sales and exhibitions.
(Please deposit after folding at the center.)

Inkjet printing standard postcards

The surface of the postcard is treated with a special coating, with the water-based ink of inkjet printer can dry quickly in small dots. It allows for printing in high image quality for photographs and for printing in vivid colors. (New Year's postcards and Kamo-Mail [summer greeting postcard] are also available.)

Postal envelope (mini-letters)

These sheets, on which the writing space is three times the size of a postcard, are a combined letter and an envelope.

Postage is printed on the front just as with a postcard. Thin items such as photos and memos can be enclosed.

  • Please note that postage for a nonstandard size postal item is required for items weighing more than 25 g. In such cases, we recommend to use the envelope of standard size.

Four-surface printing postcard

With four postcards printed in two rows and two columns on a single sheet, these postcards are useful for printing a large number of postcards.

In addition to standard postcards, New Year's postcards and Kamo-Mail (summer greeting postcard) are also available.

We accept orders early for New Year's postcards, which are often printed in large numbers.

Letter set

This is a product combining postage stamps and postcards with high frequency of use and stored in a case.

There are original cases and combinations for different regions.

Convenient method of use

  • For a gift for people living away from their family
  • For carrying with you on a long trip
  • For company's novelty goods, commemorative gifts at hobby gatherings, and return gift for ceremonies


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