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Northern Japan Local Discovery Tour― Experiences Japan like never before ―

If you are looking to get off the typical tourist routes and discover the real Japan, why not go on an adventure throughout eastern Japan to uncover the country's untouched charm?
By the end of your trip, you will have discovered a side of Japan that you never knew.

For the most complete adventure, start from famous Nikko, move on to the beauty of northeast Japan, and finish your trip in Hokkaido.

With Japan Post Group's 10-Day route, you will travel from Tokyo to famous Nikko, enjoy the beauty of northeast Japan, and finish your trip in Hokkaido.
Discover the beautiful decorations of Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the history of Aizuwakamatsu and Kakunodate Samurai, the amazing scenery of Yamadera, the mystical atmosphere of Ginzan Onsen, the tasty morning market in Hakodate, and the night life of Sendai and Sapporo.

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