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Self-guided Tours Recommended by Japan Post

Our self-guided tours are safe and immersive, and created based on the requests of travellers. They are operated by Japan Post Group which runs all post offices throughout Japan.
Japan offers so many amazing places, cultures and cuisines that you may have never experienced before. We hope you enjoy your trip!
  • Self-guided tour packages will be processed by Japan Post Staff Co., Ltd. of Japan Post Group.
Point 1
Choose your preferred route and enjoy Japan's lesser-known attractions!
Point 2
Enhance your journey by referring to your original guidebook
Point 3
We will take care of accommodation, transportation and Wi-Fi
Point 4
You can receive support from post offices if you encounter problems while travelling
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Example route overviews

Northern Japan Local Discovery Tour― Experience Japan like never before ―

Example route overviews

Northern Japan Local
Discovery Tour― Experience Japan like never before ―

Post office support services

Special support provided for self-guided tours
  • Tour info guidance
  • Navigation guidance
  • Trouble or emergencies

Tour info guidanceLocal post office staff can recommend local tourist attractions, tasty food, and souvenirs!
Navigation guidanceIf you get lost or are looking for a certain location, the post office can help you!
Trouble or emergenciesIf you become unsure while travelling who have an emergency, the post office can help you. They can direct you to a police station or hospital if needed.

Other useful travel services
  • Withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs
  • "Fukeiin" : Local postmarks
  • International mailing

Withdraw Japanese yen from ATMsWhenever you need Japanese yen during your trip, you can withdraw from post office ATMs.
"Fukeiin" : Local postmarks Each post office has pictorial postmarks featuring famous things and places from that area.
― How to get a pictorial postmark ―

We imprint the pictorial postmarks on postcards and letters valued at 63 yen or more.

  • If you intend to actually send a postcard or letter, you will also need a postage stamp for shipping costs.
International mailingYou can send letters or souvenirs to your family or friends back home during your trip.

Travellers' voices

"I found a side of Japan that I could not have found myself."
Federico, Italy
"Wonderful route ― even the hotel and transportation were reserved. I could travel conveniently and efficiently."
Nina, Germany
"Other countries don't offer hospitality like Japan's post offices. It was awesome!"
Atro, Finland


The first stop of our itinerary was Nikko, a world heritage city located in Tochigi prefecture. We arrived in Nikko around 11:30 pm, with a train full of tourists coming from all over the world.

we soon started looking to something to eat. We found a good ramen restaurant, which had really good reviews and it wasn't expensive, and above all, was really close to the main attractions.

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