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Mail Shipments to Spain

Please note that if you send international mail to Spain, it may take two weeks or more for customs clearance in Spain. This applies to cases where the total value of both goods and postage is over 22 euros (for internet shopping) and 45 euros (import between individuals) to Spain.
Therefore, please send your email by referring to the information below.

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For receivers

Flow for receiving item(s) when Spanish postal operator handles customs clearance *

  1. Item(s) will be stored at ADT (temporary storage facility) of the Spanish postal operator.
  2. An arrival notice for the item(s) will be delivered.
  3. Sign or seal the arrival notice and prepare for a copy of the DNI number/NIF number/NIE number and an invoice or certification of payment.
  4. Send the documentations above to the following website:
  5. A statement of tax and other fees due will be sent by email from ADT.
  6. Pay the amount in 5 above at a branch of the designated bank (BBVA).
  7. The item(s) will be delivered to you.

*Can handle customs clearance individually

For senders

Please note the following points when sending mail to Spain

  1. Please fill in the detailed information requested such as the names of goods, phone numbers and email address in the receiver's area on the label.
  2. It is recommended to convey such information as the names of goods, prices and postage to the receiver in Spain in advance for speedy customs clearance there.

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