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Q2 What are the procedures for the receipt of EMS held for customs?

A Please bring the Notification Paper as well as your identification document (passport, ID) to Shanghai Post Office Customs Department in order to receive the EMS item.

In case of private mail

(1) Submit the Notification Paper to the customs declaration counter (see the image below) and follow the instructions of the officer.

(2)Request the submission of the EMS item to the customs at the post office window on the first floor of the office.

(3-1)Be present at the customs’ examination of the items included in the package. Obtain the import tax payment paper from the customs officer.
(only in case the item is subjected to taxation.)

(Customs Counter)

(4-1)Pay the tax at the post office window and receive your EMS item.

In case of corporate mail

(1)~(2)are the same as the instructions for private mail.

(3-2)If at the customs counter it was judged that commercial customs clearance procedure is necessary, please provide the following declaration documents together with the Notification Paper. 1) Customs clearance procedure entrustment paper, sealed by the company; 2) invoice; 3) packing list; 4) import permission. The procedure will be thus entrusted to and carried out by the customs operator of the Post Office Customs Department.

(Post Office Window)


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