International Mail

Resumption of EMS Service to the United States

We will resume EMS service to the United States effective June 1 as shown in the table below.

✔: acceptable, X: acceptance suspended, -: No service

  • Some kinds of ordinary airmail letter-post items are accepted. For details, please see here. There will be no changes for ordinary airmail letter-post items from June 1.
Countries/Territories Currently Effective June 1
Air SAL Surface EMS Air SAL Surface EMS
United States (including Hawaii, excluding overseas territories) * X X * X

We are continuously working to secure stable service for airmail. However, please note that the delivery of international mail items may be delayed due to the service of flights for airmail being continuously reduced. Thank you for your understanding.
For details on the latest status concerning the acceptance of mail items destined to countries and territories worldwide and information about mail delivery delays, etc., please check here.

Be careful!
EMS items sent to the U.S. with handwritten labels cannot be accepted as a general rule.

Transmission of electronic customs clearance data became obligatory from January 1, 2021 (Fri), and items cannot be sent to the U.S. with handwritten EMS labels. When sending items, please make sure to use the International Mail My Page Service.

Please check here for further details


A special additional rate for EMS corresponding to the additional price required due to an increase in transportation cost will be introduced from June 1 (Tue) for EMS sent to two areas including the U.S. (Oceania, North and Central America, Middle East, and Europe).

Please check here for further details

EMS rates for items sent to Oceania, North and Central America, and Middle East

(in yen)

Weight Rate Tentative
Extra Charge
Up to 500g2,0004002,400
Up to 600g2,1804802,660
Up to 700g2,3605602,920
Up to 800g2,5406403,180
Up to 900g2,7207203,440
Up to 1.0kg2,9008003,700
Up to 1.25kg3,3001,0404,340
Up to 1.5kg3,7001,2004,900
Up to 1.75kg4,1001,4405,540
Up to 2.0kg4,5001,6006,100
Up to 2.5kg5,2002,0007,200
Up to 3.0kg5,9002,4008,300
Up to 3.5kg6,6002,8009,400
Up to 4.0kg7,3003,20010,500
Up to 4.5kg8,0003,60011,600
Up to 5.0kg8,7004,00012,700
Up to 5.5kg9,4004,40013,800
Up to 6.0kg10,1004,80014,900
Up to 7.0kg11,2005,60016,800
Up to 8.0kg12,3006,40018,700
Up to 9.0kg13,4007,20020,600

(in yen)

Weight Rate Tentative
Extra Charge
Up to 10.0kg14,5008,00022,500
Up to 11.0kg15,6008,80024,400
Up to 12.0kg16,7009,60026,300
Up to 13.0kg17,80010,40028,200
Up to 14.0kg18,90011,20030,100
Up to 15.0kg20,00012,00032,000
Up to 16.0kg21,10012,80033,900
Up to 17.0kg22,20013,60035,800
Up to 18.0kg23,30014,40037,700
Up to 19.0kg24,40015,20039,600
Up to 20.0kg25,50016,00041,500
Up to 21.0kg26,60016,80043,400
Up to 22.0kg27,70017,60045,300
Up to 23.0kg28,80018,40047,200
Up to 24.0kg29,90019,20049,100
Up to 25.0kg31,00020,00051,000
Up to 26.0kg32,10020,80052,900
Up to 27.0kg33,20021,60054,800
Up to 28.0kg34,30022,40056,700
Up to 29.0kg35,40023,20058,600
Up to 30.0kg36,50024,00060,500