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Suspension of Cool EMS Service for France

January 20, 2016

Due to the cancellation of scheduled flight, Japan Post temporarily suspends offering Cool EMS service as seen in the table below.

Destination Date of Suspension
France January 25, 2016 (Mon.) to March 8, 2016 (Tue.)
Prefecture Post offices under suspension
Gifu Gifu central Post office
Shizuoka Shizuoka central Post office
Aichi Toyohashi-minami Post office
Mie Yokkaichi Post office
Shiga Otsu central Post office
Kyoto Kyoto central Post office, Nakagyo Post office, Fukuchiyama Post office
Osaka Ibaraki Post office, Osaka-kita Post office, Osaka-higashi Post office, Sakai Post office,
Neyagawa Post office, Fuse Post office
Hyogo Akashi Post office, Amagasaki Post office, Kobe central Post office, Himeji Post office
Nara Nara central Post office
Wakayama Wakayama central Post office
Tottori Tottori central Post office
Shimane Matsue central Post office
Okayama Okayama central Post office
Hiroshima Hiroshima central Post office, Mihara Post office
Yamaguchi Shimonoseki Post office, Tokuyama Post office, Yamaguchi central Post office
Kagawa Takamatsu central Post office
Fukuoka Iiduka Post office, Kitakyushu central Post office, Kurume-higashi Post office, Shin-fukuoka Post office,
Dazaifu Post office, Fukuoka central Post office
Saga Saga central Post office
Nagasaki Sasebo Post office, Nagasaki central Post office
Kumamoto Kumamoto-kita Post office, Hondo Post office
Miyazaki Miyazaki central Post office
Kagashima Kagoshima central Post office, Kokubu Post office

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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