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Delivery Delay of Mail Items to China

November 25, 2015

The postal operator of the People's Republic of China has notified us that, due to tightened customs inspections in China and subsequent increase in postal items subject to the Customs entry procedure there, delays in delivery of mail items destined for China are anticipated.

Please note that if the value of the contents of a postal item to China exceeds 1,000 yuan, the addressee needs to follow the Customs entry procedure and this also applies to items for personal use.(1)

Moreover, we also anticipate that we will continue to accept even larger volumes of mail to China during the coming holiday peak period, which may also result in considerable delay in the delivery of postal items due to congested mail transport capacities and the longer time needed for inbound mail processing as well as the customs clearance procedure.

Thank you for your kind understanding of and cooperation with this situation.

(1) Conditions which are quoted from the International Mail Conditions to China

Articles admitted conditionally
○ Others…Concerning items for personal use, when the value of the contents for each item exceeds 1,000 yuan, the addressee needs to follow the Customs entry procedure.
However, this shall not apply in the case that Customs considers the content for personal use and that the content is an indivisible item.

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