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Notice of possible delay for mail to / from some areas in China

November 28, 2014

Due to the sharp increase of inbound mail volumes in China, there may be delays in the sending or delivery of mail in some areas of China as listed in the table below.

In particular, for Surface mail items, further delays have occurred at the designated mail exchange ports or offices in China with subsequent delays in handling mail items.

Furthermore, there may also be delays in the arrival of mail sent from the same areas to Japan.

Thank you for your understanding of this situation.

Type of mail Impacted areas
Air mail*
SAL mail
Anhui (安徽省)
Fujian (福建省)
Guangdong (広東省)
Henan (河南省)
Jiangsu (江蘇省)
Jiangxi (江西省)
Shanghai City (上海市)
Zhejiang (浙江省)
Shangdong (山東省)
Surface mail All areas in China

*Air mail includes air mail postal services such as International e Packets, greeting cards, priority bulk airmail (D-mail) and non-priority bulk airmail (P-mail).

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