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Continuing Postal Delays Due to Heavy Rainfall-caused Flooding in Thailand (As of November 15, 2011)

November 15, 2011

We made two previous announcements on October 12 and on November 1 regarding postal delays due to Heavy Rainfall-caused Flooding in Thailand, which has continued to negatively impact the timely delivery of postal items throughout Thailand.
As of November 15, since the impact of the flooding can still be clearly observed, the delays in postal deliveries to Thailand are continuing.
In case there is any difficulty in delivering to your addressee due to the flooding, your item will be kept at the available post office in Thailand, and if the addressee is not able to come to the post office within 30 days to pick it up, the item will be returned to you the sender.
Please be informed that even if the item is delayed or returned to the sender after the abovementioned term of custody has expired due to the impact of the flooding, the postage will not be refunded due to force-majeure reasons.
Thank you very much for your understanding of this difficult situation in advance.

Territories with the Possibility of Postal Delays Mail Type
All territories All types
(EMS、Airmail、SAL and Surface Mail)


  1. The same conditions apply to the postal items sent from these territories to Japan.
  2. There is a possibility of postal delays for other areas as well, even if no warning notice was received.

(Ref: This information is based on the notices received from the destination country.)

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