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Handling of mail in Asian countries during China's National Day vacation period.

September 30, 2011

Mail delivery services may be suspended in countries throughout Asia for China’s National Day vacation period.

Furthermore, please note that any mail delivery that does take place may be slower than usual due to companies being closed and recipients of mail being away.

Please refer to the following table for mail handling in each country during China’s National Day celebration period.

Country China Hong Kong Korea Taiwan
Vacation period Oct 1(Sat)
Oct 7(Fri)
Oct 1(Sat)
Oct 5(Wed)
Oct 3 (Mon) Oct 10 (Mon)
Mail likely to be delayed EMS, airmail, SAL
Mail handling Postal exchange※ ×
Customs ×
Delivery × ×
Notes       Only EMS services will take place normally.

○:handled △:partial handling ×:not handled

※  "Postal exchange" refers to the exchange of postal items with post offices overseas.

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