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Delivery condition of international postal items caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake (16 April, 12:00)

April 16, 2011

Latest delivery condition of international postal items is as indicated below.
When the circumstances change, we will inform you of it accordingly.

  1. Postal items addressed to overseas destinations
    Transportation and delivery of postal items are as per usual.
  2. Postal items from abroad

    We cannot deliver postal items to addresses in the areas indicated below*1, which has resulted in traffic restrictions, no-entry areas, damage to our branch offices, and other adverse conditions.

    We are making every possible effort to ensure delivery of postal items to addressees, including checking at the evacuation centers*2 to find the addressees because we consider that the postal network is one of the most important communication methods available. However, we would like to ask you to understand that certain items for which the addressees cannot be located in spite of all our efforts will have to be returned to the senders.
    Additionally, postal items addressed to residents in the area where people have been instructed to stay inside due to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident will be returned to the senders after Sunday, April 17, except when the addressees notified Japan Post of their wish to receive their postal items at a specific branch or collection and delivery center. Your kind understanding of our situation would be very much appreciated.

*1 The areas experiencing difficulty delivering postal items

  1. Areas along the Pacific Ocean coast or to the neighboring inland areas of Miyagi Prefecture
  2. Some of areas where people have been instructed to evacuate or take shelter following the difficulty continuing at the Fukushima nuclear power plant

Please note that he areas experiencing difficulty delivering postal items are as given in the annex1(PDF32kByte).

*2 Methods of description of the addresses of the postal items addressed to the persons locating in evacuation centers

Japan Post now delivers the postal items addressed to the evacuated persons on the basis of the lists that the evacuation centers are providing from the related autonomies and of the lists we have made from the notifications of the addressees’ evacuation or moving. However, for smooth and rapid delivery of the postal items, we request that you write the following two addresses when you send postal items to evacuated persons as indicated in Annex2(PDF66kByte).

  1. Name and address of the evacuation center as the addressee's current address
  2. Name, primary address and phone number of the addressee

In addition, please confirm the addressee of the current located evacuation center just before sending the postal item as the addressee may have or will move to another evacuation center.

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