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Postal Items Handling During the 2011 Lunar New Year Period in Asian Countries

January 27, 2011

Please note that, as there are holidays associated with the Lunar New Year Period in all Asian countries, there may be delays in deliveries of postal items.

Lunar New Year Period Exchange Office Operations (※1) Customs Operations (※2) Delivery Operations Examination Operations
Vietnam Jan 31(Mon)~
Feb 8(Tue)
× Exchange Office and Customs operations are not carried out from Jan 31(Mon) until Feb 7(Mon).
Delivery operations are off from Feb 2(Wed) until Feb 7(Mon).
Korea Feb 2(Wed)

Feb 4(Fri)
× × × Exchange Office operations are only carried out on Feb 4(Fri).
Taiwan Feb 2(Wed)

Feb 7(Mon)
EMS is operating as usual throughout the Lunar New Year' period.
Partial Handling of postal parcels and letter-post items are carried out according to the schedule below:
postal parcel:Feb 2(Wed)(Delivery only)
Feb 6(Sun)(Exchange Office and Examination operations only)
Feb 7(Mon)(Exchange Office, Customs, and Examination operations only)
Letter-post item:Feb 7(Mon)(Exchange Office, Customs, and Examination operations only)
China Feb 2(Wed)

Feb 8(Tue)
× Tax-objected postal items' delivery is not carried out from Feb 2(Wed) until Feb 4(Fri).
Singapore Feb 3(Thu)

Feb 5(Sat)
× On Feb 5(Sat) Exchange Office, Customs and Examination operations for EMS and postal parcel items are carried out all day. Delivery is carried out from 9AM till 1PM only.
Hong Kong Feb 3(Thu)

Feb 6(Sun)
× × On Feb 3-4 (Thu-Fri) Exchange Station and Customs operations are carried out (For Hong Kong –addressed items only).
Macau Feb 3(Thu)

Feb 6(Sun)
× × × ×  

We will post information about the Lunar New Year in Malaysia once we receive an announcement from the relevant source.

※1Exchange Station operations refer to the process of exchange of international postal items sent from Japan with the items addressed to Japan.
※2Customs operations refer to customs clearance for international postal items.
※3Examination operations refer to tracking services for international postal items.

【Explanatory Note】○:Operations are carried out as usual. △:Operations are carried out partially. ×:Operations are suspended.

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