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Postal Delays Due to Snowfalls in the Northeastern and Central United States
(Follow-up Regarding Postal Delays Due to Snowfalls in the Northeastern United States)

January 13, 2011

On December 28 we made an announcement regarding postal delays due to heavy snowfalls in the Northeastern USA.(

Since snow has spread to not only Northeastern USA but also further to the Mid-West (Chicago and etc) and South-East (Atlanta State etc) resulting in the airports' closures and flights' cancellations, please be informed that delays in the exchange of postal items with these territories may continue for a long period of time.
Please also not that delivery of a part of other postal items addressed to the USA and passing through the airports may also take several more days than usual for a certain period of time due to such reasons as, apart from snow, airport security enforcement measures, changes into the transfer routes as well as availability of space for loading postal cargo space on board the aircrafts. (

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