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Regarding Amendments into Import Cargo Customs Clearance Procedures in China

December 27, 2010

Customs Clearance Procedures in China were amended as of January 1, 2011, and we received information that it has become necessary to provide import cargo content Harmonized System Code (HS Code, ※1) as well as Customs Registration Code (CR Code, ※2) when going through import declaration procedures.

We made an inquiry to the China Post, but received no additional notification stating that these codes need to be provided for postal items customs clearance as well.

We therefore continue accepting postal items addressed for China without HS Code and registration number of the exporter provided from January 1, 2011 onward (※3).

In case of postal items, customs clearance procedures involve direct examination by customs officers, so import declaration procedures are generally not required, however, if the value of the item exceeds 1000 Yuan and is determined as being not intended for private usage, import declaration procedures may be required on the part of the addressee. If the item is not intended for private usage and if you are in possession of information on Harmonized System Code (HS Code) as well as Customs Registration Code (CR Code), we recommend you to fill out this information either in relevant fields or on blank space of the label or invoice, as this information may be needed for the addressee.

HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) is a unified system of names and classification of traded products. HS Code is a 6 digits code created for the purposes of standardization of names and classification of internationally traded goods. (Japan Customs HP) (China Customs HP)
CR Code (Customs Registration Code) is a 10 digits code that is granted to the exporter by Chinese Customs Office upon registration.
If the total value of the content is over 200,000 Yen, it is required to fill out the export declaration form in Japan. (Important Notice regarding International Mail)

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