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Regarding Postal Delays for Air mail Items Addressed for Africa and Central and South America

December 10, 2010

Postal delays are expected for the deliveries of items addressed for Africa as well as Central and South America as these are transmitted with the transit in European airports many of which have been temporarily closed due to heavy snowfalls in some European territories.

Please note that the delivery of the mentioned items may take a few more days longer than usual until the airplanes' operation resumes.

Countries with postal delays due to transit in Europe (As of December 10)

Country Mail Type Mailing Method
Africa (all countries) All types
(EMS, Letter-Post Items, and Postal Parcels)
Airmail and SAL
Central and South America
(Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Mexico etc.)
  • Reasons for transiting Europe when delivering items to the destinations above:
    At the moment all postal items addressed for the territories above are objected to transit in Europe since there are no straight flights to these destinations from Japan.
    Moreover, for items addressed for Central and South America, the North America transit is forbidden due to the air safety measures, therefore transit through Europe takes place.

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