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Resumption of US-Addressed Postal Items Acceptance

November 29, 2010

Japan Post Service Company, Ltd., (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to, Representative Director: Mr. Shinichi Nabekura) has announced resumption of the acceptance of U. S. -addressed postal items weighing over 453 grams (16 ounces) carried by aircraft (that was temporarily suspended from November 17, 2010) starting from December 1, 2010 as it became possible to secure air transportation for this purpose.

Accordingly, all postal items addressed to the U. S. or American overseas territories are acceptable.

Please note that due to airport security enforcement measures, however, changes to the delivery routes as well as the limitations on aircraft capacity are expected for the time being to possibly make the delivery of postal items take a few days longer than usual, with a few extra days added on top of that for delivery to Hawaii and U. S. overseas territories.

Postal Items Approved for Acceptance

Mail items that apply to all of the following conditions:

Destination Country Mail Type Weight Limit Payment Methods
USA and American Territories
(Guam, Saipan, Wake Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Midway Island, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and American Virgin Islands)
The following items mailed by aircraft:
  • Air mail
  • Air Parcel
  • SAL Mail
  • SAL Parcel
  • EMS
Over 453 Grams(16 Ounces) All payment methods (cash, stamps) except for post-payments or payments by franking machines(※)
  • In principle, for items for which payment methods are post-payments or payments by means of franking machines, we follow the previously defined procedure.

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