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Regarding Christmas Sea Mail Shipment Deadlines

October 5, 2010

The schedule of the Christmas Sea Mail (cards etc.) shipment deadlines for different countries and territories is as follows.

Country/Territory of Destination Shipment Deadline Country/Territory of Destination Shipment Deadline
(Asia) (Middle and Near East)
Indonesia *Beginning of November Israel *Beginning of November
Korea *Beginning of December (Central and South America)
Singapore *Middle of November Argentina October 22
Thailand *Middle of November Brazil October 15
Taiwan *End of November Peru October 22
China *End of November Mexico *Beginning of November
Philippines *Beginning of November (Europe)
Hong Kong * Middle of November Italy *Beginning of November
Malaysia *Middle of November United Kingdom October 22
(Oceania Holland October 22
Australia *Middle of November Greece October 15
New Zealand *Middle of November Spain October 22
Fiji *Middle of November Germany October 22
(North America) France October 19
Canada *Beginning of November Belgium October 22
USA October 22 Russia *Beginning of November
Hawaii *Beginning of November (Africa)
  South Africa *Beginning of November


We recommend you to ship the items prior to the deadline above as the customs examination of the mail (Parcel Mail, Small Package Mail etc.) at the country of destination may take additional time.
For countries and territories not included in the table above the Christmas mail delivery schedule is unclear and we therefore do not set the mail shipment deadlines.
Where there is a “*” sign next to the shipment deadline, the more precise date will be announced by the end of October.

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