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Restrictions of Powder Milk Import to China Lifted

September 22, 2010

The previously active restrictions on powder milk import to China from Japan have been lifted.
However, if the Chinese Customs Office decides that the product is imported for commercial purposes (not for private use) or that it is an object of taxation, it may take additional time to clear the customs.
Please be advised, that apart from powder milk, products of cows, pigs and other cloven-hoofed animals are still considered to be the prohibited items(※) for import to China and will be either sent back to Japan or disposed of.
Please note this if you are planning to send any of the mentioned items.

※List of International Postal Requirements(Items Prohibited for Import to China) Prohibited Items

○ Food products, drugs…
Food products as well as drugs and other related products from the territories with contagious diseases.
Drugs and other related products that can harm or spread diseases to cattleand people.

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