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Regarding Tax-Free Amount Reduction for Private Use Postal Items in China

September 14, 2010

China Customs Authority has published a notification ("Notification Regarding Adjustment of Control Measures for Private Use Postal Items") according to which the tax-free amount in respect to postal items aimed for private usage has been lowered to 50 Yuan (approx. 600 Yen) from September 1, 2010.  (in Chinese)

Please be advised, that under this new regulation the formerly tax-free postal items to China have become the object of taxation, and it may therefore take extra time to pass the customs procedures (Note).
We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Note) The customs tariff is calculated per item based on its evaluation by the China Customs Authority.
Items under 50 Yuan are generally free of tax with a few exceptions(※).
Items over 50 Yuan are taxed accordingly.
  • The following 20 items are fully subjected to tax.
    TV, filming equipment, video, broadcasting equipment (video, DVD players), audio equipment, air conditioners, electric refrigerators, washing machines, cameras, copying machines, program-controlled telephone switchboards, microcomputers, telephones, radios, fax machines, electric calculators, typewriters, furniture, lighting equipment, food items.  (In Chinese)

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