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Regarding Changes into International Postal Requirements List

August 25, 2010

A part of the International Postal Requirements List has changed as of September 1, 2010 (Wednesday). Please find the summary of changes below.
Please check the International Postal Requirements List after the change date for further details.

【Postal Requirements・Prohibited Goods】

Amended Content Countries of Destination
Number of copies of CN23 Customs Notification Standard Belarus, Hungary, Morocco, Switzerland, Serbia
Small Parcel Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Botswana, Egypt, Spain, Hungary, Indonesia, Morocco, Moldova, Togo
Fields to fill out, Customs paper etc EMS Jamaica, Togo
CN23 Customs Notification filling-out language Standard Belarus, Gibraltar, Tunisia, Turkey
Small Parcel Egypt, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Moldova, Norway, Togo
EMS Togo
Expedited Delivery Standard Finland, Gibraltar, Morocco, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguay
Small Parcel Barbados, Botswana, Cyprus, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Vietnam
Change of the limit of insurance amount Standard Gibraltar, Lithuania, Morocco, Norway
Small Parcel Brunei, Spain, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malawi, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea
Mail redemption as well as change of addressee Standard Gibraltar, Holland
Small Parcel Barbados, Gibraltar, Malaysia, Malawi, Indonesia
Handling of Registered Mail carrying valuable goods Finland, Gibraltar, Norway, Switzerland
Handling of Airmail carrying radioactive items Botswana, Singapore, Turkey
Handling of Airmail carrying transmissible agents Botswana, Croatia, Hungary, Morocco, Holland, Russia, Singapore
Notice of receipt for Standard Small Parcel Luxembourg, Norway
Size and weight Small Parcel Barbados, Brunei, Spain, Indonesia, Iceland, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sudan, Togo
EMS Barbados, Togo
Delivery method Small Parcel Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Brunei, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Norway, Papua New Guinea
EMS Jamaica
Other Special Requirements Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Georgia, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia), Slovenia
Prohibited Goods USA, American Territories (Wake Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Saipan, Midway Islands, Puerto Rico, Samoa, and American Virgin Islands)、Vietnam

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