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Regarding Shipment of Powder Milk to China

June 7, 2010

Following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth epidemic in Japan, the government of China has announced the prohibition of import of mammals as well as products related to them into China and discontinuation of issuance of the Border Crossing Animal and Plant Health Inspection Certificates for mammals as well as their products(※).

  • Posted at the webpage of the Quarantine Administration of China on June 3, 2010.

List of International Mail Requirements (Goods prohibited in China)
Prohibited products

○ Food, Drugs…
Food from the territories with contagious diseases, as well as similar drugs and other products. Food that could be harmful or spread diseases to cattle, and people as well as similar drugs and other products.

As products of the cow and pig (powder milk etc) correspond to the aforementioned restrictions related to the handling of International Mail, there is a high possibility that they will be treated as prohibited items.
For this reason, please be informed that, in case powder milk and alike products are sent to China, they will be regarded as prohibited items by the quarantine station and either sent back to Japan or confiscated and disposed of.

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