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Postal Delays due to the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland (As of April 21, 2010)

April 21, 2010

Due to the volcanic ash cloud formed by the massive volcanic eruption in Iceland all arrival and departure flights to/from Europe were being cancelled. As of April 21, 2010 the service of the aircrafts transporting postal items from Japan was resumed.
However, since the postal items will be delivered in the order starting from the items that were temporarily backlogged and due to the loading/unloading airports' congestion, please be informed that there are considerable delays expected for the destinations listed below.
The same applies to the postal items dispatched from the following territories to Japan.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Territories with postal delays due to flight cancellations

Shipment Destination/Dispatch Territory Postal Item Type
A part of Middle and Near East
(Israel, Saudi Arabia)
International Express Mail (EMS), Airmail and SAL

Details Regarding the Delays

There have been multiple cancellations of flights to Europe from April 15 to April 20, so a part of postal items sent after April 14 was being temporarily stored along the way. As of now, following the recommencement of air services, these postal items are handled in priority order.

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