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Mail delivery delays to North America and Europe due to snowfall (as of 10 February 2010)

February 10, 2010

As of present, there may be delays in mail delivery to the following North American and European regions because of snowfall.
Also, please note that mail deliveries from those regions to Japan may also be affected.

Region Country Regions subject to possible delays Type of mail
North America USA North-eastern and central-western United States All types
(EMS, airmail, SAL, surface mail)
Europe Italy All regions in Italy
UK All regions in UK
Denmark All regions in Denmark
Germany All regions in Germany
France All regions in France

While it was announced that there may be delivery delays to China from 6 January, at present deliveries are normal.

  • This information is according to reports from each country.
    Conditions for each addressee country may change.

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