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Mail handling for Asian countries during the 2010 Lunar New Year

February 8, 2010

The Lunar New Year period for Asian countries is shown in the following table. Please be aware that there may be delays in mail delivery during this period.

Country/Region Lunar New Year period Switching Center Operations Customs Operations Delivery Operations Investigative Operations Reference
Korea Saturday, 13 February - Monday, 15 February × × Switching Center and Customs Operations only will take place on Saturday, 13 February.
China Saturday, 13 February - Friday, 19 February Mail addressed to corporate bodies will not be delivered during the Lunar New Year period.
Taiwan Saturday, 13 February - Sunday, 21 February EMS operations will take place throughout the whole Lunar New Year period, and certain delivery operations for small postal packages and ordinary mail will also take place as set out below.
Small postal packages
  • Saturday, 13 February (delivery only)
  • Thursday, 18 February and Sunday, 21 February (switching center operations only)
  • Friday, 19 February (all operations)
Ordinary mail Thursday, 20 February and Sunday, 21 February (switching center and customs operations only)
Hong Kong Saturday, 13 February - Sunday, 16 February × × Customs operations will not take place on Sunday, 14 February.
Macau Monday, 15 February - Wednesday, 17 February × × × × On Wednesday, 17 February, only EMS services will be provided.
Vietnam Saturday, 13 February - Thursday, 18 February
  • On Wednesday, 17 February and Thursday, 18 February, in the case of EMS, deliveries will be made only to private individual addressees.
  • On Sunday, 14 February, delivery of all small postal packages and ordinary mail will take place.
Malaysia Sunday, 14 February - Tuesday, 16 February × × × ×  
Singapore Sunday, 14 February - Tuesday, 16 February × × × ×  

【Legend】○: ordinary mail; △: certain operations; ×: no operations

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