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Delays in Delivery Due to Heavy Snow in Asia and Europe (as of January 13, 2010)

January 13, 2010

Due to heavy snow in parts of Asia and Europe, for some time there may be delays in delivery to the countries listed below. Some delays may also be experienced with parcels sent from these countries to Japan. Thank you for your understanding.

Region Country Areas That May Experience Delays Type of Parcel
Asia China Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong All types
(EMS, airmail, SAL and surface mail)
Europe Italy Entire country
UK Entire country
Denmark Entire country
Germany Entire country
France Entire country

A notice was posted earlier that delays may be experienced in South Korea after January 4, but currently deliveries are being made according to schedule.

  • This information is according to reports from each country.
    It is subject to change according to the respective circumstances.

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