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Continuation of the EMS Japan Desk (France)

October 14, 2009

Chronopost (the French post office La Poste's Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery service company) experimentally set up an in-house Japan desk in order to provide a Japanese-language response function as part of an move by it and the Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. (the Japan post office) to improve overall customer service for customers sending mail from Japan to France using EMS. It was a success, and will be maintained. As a result, there have been operational changes, notice of which is given here.

Open Hours

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)  8am to 7pm
Saturday  9am to 1pm

Service description

Answering in Japanese inquiries from addressees living in France who have had international express mail (EMS) sent to them.

Customer contact methods

Customers telephoning the Chronopost Call Center below who speak French or English are requested to use the number given, as is. If a response in Japanese is required, the wish to deal with the EMS Japan Desk should be expressed in French or English, upon which a return call will be made to the caller from a Japanese speaker
(except for occasions when the Japanese-speaking staff is off work).

(Telephone number inside France)  0825-801-801
(Fax number inside France)  0825-801-802

We will continue to work to improve the satisfaction of our customers overseas as well as those in Japan.

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