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Changes to the International Mail Conditions List


A partial change will be made to the International Mail Conditions List from December 5 (Mon) 2009. The main changes are as follows.

For further details, please check the International Mail Conditions List after the date of the changes.

Delivery conditions

Revisions Countries and regions
Changes in the maximum amount of insurance Germany, Brunei, Cameroon, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Abolition of package with insurance Brunei
Changes to the required paperwork
such as customs declaration form, invoice
Austria, Bolivia, Brunei, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Rwanda
Changes to the weight for packages Brunei, Bulgaria(Surface Mail)
Changes to the size and weight for EMS Brunei
Changes to delivery methods for pacages,EMS
and supplementary instructions
Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Kenya
Other special conditions Germany, Bolivia, Niger, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Vietnam
Changes to prohibited items The Republic of Korea, India, Mexico

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