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Delays in the Delivery of Mail Posted/Sent between the South and West of China

January 30, 2008

China Post has informed us of delays in the delivery of mail posted/sent between the Southern and Western regions of China due to heavy snow. As a result, there may be delays in the delivery of mail to the following areas.

Mail posted from these regions may also experience delays in reaching Japan over a period of time. Please take note of this situation.

Areas (Provinces) English Names First two digits of the postal code
Anhui Anhui 23~24
Zhejiang Zhejiang 31~32
Jiangxi Jiangxi 33~34
Chongqing Chongqing 40
Hunan Hunan 41~42
Hubei Hubei 43~44
Henan Henan 45~47
Guangxi Guangxi 53~54
Guizhou Guizhou 55~56
Sichuan Sichuan 61~64
Yunnan Yunnan 65~67
Shaanxi Shaanxi 71~72
Gansu Gansu 73~74
Qinghai Qinghai 81
Xinjiang Xinjiang 83~84

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