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Postal delivery services during national holidays in China

September 26 2007

Note: As of the time of posting, infomration included in this page is valid.

Please note that because of the national holidays in Asian countries, there will be delivery suspension in some areas.
Additionally, delivery may be delayed than usual due to company's holidays or absence of addressee.
Postal delivery services during Chinese national holidays are shown as follows.For other countries, we will inform you as detailed information become available.

<Holiday Period>

Name of country/area Type of Post Holiday period
China EMS, Airmail, SAL mail Monday, October 1 - Sunday, October 7

<Handling of Mails>

Name of exchange office Shanghai Beijing
Service at exchange office
Customs service ×
Delivery office service ×
Delivery service ×
Others Mails sent to companies are often returned to post offices. -

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