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Filling out the receiver's address for the Express Mail Service (EMS) for France

September 14 2007

Note: As of the time of posting, infomration included in this page is valid.

For international express mail (EMS) to France sent to housing complexes where door codes (codes to automatically unlock doors) are required for access into the building where the addressee lives, write the door code and phone number in the addressee section of the EMS label.

Example of a door code of "2004" being filled in: Digicode 2004

If the door code is unknown and the addressee cannot be contacted by phone, the delivery person (an employee of the EMS subsidiary of La Poste (the French postal service)) will not be able to enter the housing complex, and will not be able to leave a non-delivery notice in the post box inside the entrance of the building. The addressee will not receive an arrival notice for the mail, which will be stored at the nearest post office, and will either be delivered after some delay or sent back.

We are taking steps to ensure that delivery can be made correctly even if the door code is unknown.We apologize for the inconvenience.

An example of an EMS label filled out.

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