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On sending money to Iran

May 21 2007

Note: As of the time of posting, infomration included in this page is valid.

Sending money to Iran has been partially restricted since February 19 this year, but there has been a revision to the relevant List of Designated Parties.(Please refer to the link for details.)

Payments overseas by or to the newly added parties, as well as payments to Iran in support of its nuclear-related activities, in accordance with laws on foreign exchange and trade, require the permission of a competent minister (the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Therefore, in addition to the usual acceptance inspections, international mail articles that are intended as means of cash payment will be verified that they are not articles sent by the designated parties or sent to the designated parties, and when they fall under the category, they will be verified whether the required approval by the competent minister has been obtained. In case this cannot be verified, we will refuse acceptance in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the International Mail Services Terms and Conditions.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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Parties related to nuclear activities of Iran which are designated as subjects of the "Preventive measures against transfer of funds

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