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Suspended and delayed delivery of international mail to Pakistan

October 24, 2005

Note: As of the time of posting, infomration included in this page is valid.

Upon receiving a notice from the Pakistan Post Office Department to the effect that delivery of mail in certain areas in Pakistan may not be possible for the time being due to the earthquake on October 8, Japan Post announced that the reception of international mail to the specified areas in Pakistan will be suspended from this day (October 24, 2005).

For international mail that has already been accepted for the areas and still held in Japan, we will return them to the senders along with postage paid.

Since delivery services are available in other areas of Pakistan, although with some delay, we will continue accepting international mail addressed to those areas.

(For reference) Number of mail items in 2004

Category Letter-Post Parcel Post EMS
For Pakistan 123,968 2,503 20,951
From Pakistan 129,971 2,478 3,478

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