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Express Mail Service(EMS)

Use EMS for documents and parcels! It's accurate and speedy.

EMS Rates

Reasonable Discount Rates

EMS offers reasonable rates for goods/documents which will be sent at one time.

EMS Discount Services

Insurance Program

If EMS mail is damaged or partly missing during delivery, a maximum of 2 million yen is paid for the actual loss.

Insurance List

EMS Reasonable Services

  • Pick up service is available by just a single telephone call. Please call the local post office.

    Seach for a post office

  • Convenient EMS Envelopes are also available for sending documents.

    EMS Envelopes

For Business

Pick up service for business customers

Come and pick up directly to your office !
We will provide consulation to our customers for cost effective use of EMS service.

Pick up service

How to Use EMS

Size and Weight

Longest length within 1.5m,
Longest length +Circumference within 3m,
Weight within 30kg

  • Weight limits vary by country or area.

EMS Weight and Size Limits

Countries and Areas

Delivery is available over120 countries worldwide.

EMS Countries and Areas

Nonmailable Articles by EMS

Please note that for EMS, laws and treaties regarding international mail prohibit or restrict certain articles.

More Information

Instructions for Filling Out the Required Documents

Description is shown here for documents required for EMS service.

More Information

Other Services

Confirmation of EMS mail

Check the current status of shipped EMS.


Download Customes Declaration Form and Invoice

Links to Overseas Mail Order Stores

Links of web sites are provided where Japanese products can be purchased and mailed via EMS from other countries.


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